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Work-related injuries, and sometimes deaths, can occur in a regular work-place setting. Injuries are more common in service-based industries, but even office workers can acquire work-related injuries through long-term stress and strain (i.e. carpal tunnel). Because of the likelihood of acquiring an injury through work, the US requires employers to pay workers compensation to employees injured or killed during the course of their work. These laws vary by state and have different requirements. When such a work-related incident or death occurs, it is up to either the victim or their next-of-kin to file for workers compensation.

It can be a very stressful time with medical bills, pain and trauma, and financial worries burdening the victim and their family. Filing for workers compensation can be burdensome and complicated. If you’re unaware of what you’re doing you may not even get your full benefits. This is where a workers compensation attorney comes in. A good attorney can help you claim the maximum benefits possible from your work-related injury. There are many things you can claim compensation for such as:

  • Medical care and related rehabilitation expenses – doctor’s visits, hospital bills, maintenance medication, physical rehabilitation, psychiatry visits, and anything needed to help you recover from your work injury or any trauma you experienced, can be included in your claim. The medical evidence makes it easy to file these claims.
  • Income lost from missed work – work-related injuries that have cost you the opportunity to work for your living, need to be covered as part of your compensation.
  • Permanent physical disability or disfigurement – if the injury has lead you to become incapacitated in any way, such as needing a wheelchair, losing your hearing, losing some fingers, or getting burned, you can make a significant claim for it.
  • Pain and suffering – the more painful and long-lasting your type of injury is, the more likely it is to receive a higher pay-out. Pain-medication, therapy, the inability to live in the manner in which you used to before, are examples of evidence used to prove these cases.
  • Emotional damages and trauma resulting from the factors listed above – if your life has changed forever because of your work-related injury, if your relationships with your friends, family, and loved one have been affected because of what happened to you, this can be used as a factor to increase your compensation.
  • Death – in the most unfortunate circumstances, when a work-place accident results in an employee’s death, the family of the deceased can file for compensation for their lost loved one.

The filing process for workers compensation can be very tedious and thorough. A lot of evidence such as work records, medical bills, medical documents, and other paperwork need to be presented and filed with the insurance company. An employee who is in pain or a grieving family may not be in the correct state of mind to comply with everything required to make a proper claim. To ensure that everything goes well, hire the services of a professional workers compensation lawyer to maximize the amount of compensation you can get for your workplace injury.

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