Both Sides To Workers Comp Claim Management

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Both Sides To Workers Comp Claim Management

Anyone who has ever attempted to manage a workers compensation claim can agree that it is no simple task. This goes for both the employer and the employee. But what exactly does a worker comp claim involve? Well it depends on whether you are the injured party or the insurance holder, but typically the process goes something like this:

– Reporting the injury

– Filing the claim


And if you are the injured party

– Visit doctors

– Visit pharmacies

– Recovery

– ensure benefits are being paid out

This is meant to be a simple summary of the steps, but each step has multiple sub-steps and the timing and filings, and paperwork can go on and on.

This is why it is in everyone’s best interest to hire a local WC claims management attorney. Attorneys that handle workers comp claim can help in managing them from start to finish, for both parties. The employer certainly doesn’t want insurance costs to go up, valuable workers to be injured and missing work, and the injured worker certainly doesn’t want to be in a state of pain and stress and missing work as well.

Let’s review how a workers comp attorney can help in the claim management process.


How can the employer benefit from a workers comp claims management lawyer? 

There are a few ways, but one of the most important is to make sure the workplace is up to standards regarding health and safety. Preventing an accident or injury is always the easiest step and precautions should always be taken, But, if there was an accident, the employer must act quickly, first and foremost in getting the injured employee the medical help they require. After they should get the employee the required paperwork and guidance for the policy and procedures for filing the workers comp claim. 

Specific guidelines for New York should be met regarding timing and deadlines. Then the employer needs to file the claim. An experienced lawyer can and will make sure all of these steps are complying with the laws and regulations for each industry. The employer has an entire business to run, By hiring a workers comp lawyer you can ensure your business will continue to run as smoothly as it can.


How can the injured worker benefit from a workers comp claims management lawyer?

An injury can have a difficult time that easily surpasses what the employer has to handle. That is because they have to worry about finances (as the employer does) but they also have to worry about their own health and well-being. 

Your workers comp lawyer can provide valuable help from the very beginning.  Most workers comp attorneys have a network of doctors and pharmacies that coordinate their efforts for fast and efficient treatment. They can also handle the entire paperwork and filing process which can seem like a foreign language when looking at it from first-party eyes.

 It will give you an unmeasurable level of security knowing that you have a trained legal expert representing you to the large insurance companies!

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