Can Working a 9-5 Desk Job Cause Injuries Eligible for Workers Compensation?

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Can Working a 9-5 Desk Job Cause Injuries Eligible for Workers Compensation?

Over 50% of the American working population spends the majority of their day sitting at a desk. With the increasing popularity of hybrid or remote positions, more people have been working from home than ever before. There is a reason, however, why most employees are given a few scheduled breaks during the day; sitting all day in front of a computer can put substantial strain on your body. If you were to become injured as a result of your desk job, would you be eligible for worker’s compensation? Here’s everything you need to know.

Does Your Employer Provide You with Workers Compensation?

         Many of those working from home consider themselves ‘freelancers’: someone who is considered an independent contractor working for one or more companies. Freelancers have their own contractual agreements with their employers but New York State does not obligate employers to provide workers compensation to independent contractors. It is possible to purchase worker’s compensation if you are self-employed from an insurance company, and some companies even require it. 

What Kind of Injuries Can Result From Working a Desk Job?

         There are two categories of injury that may occur from your employment: an isolated event or a repetitive strain injury. An isolated event injury occurs immediately after an accident. An example of this would be that your office chair broke and you were injured as a result. Repetitive strain injuries occur due to recurring motions over time. Repetitive strain injuries are the most commonly reported injuries by desk workers:

  • Digital eye strain is caused by extensive digital device or computer screen usage. The eyes can become itchy, red and dry. Most symptoms are temporary and preventable but there are other factors that can contribute to a more serious problem.
  • Pain in the hips, buttocks or back can be caused by sitting in a desk chair for a majority of the day. This can be made worse if the chair is uncomfortable or you are unable to take a break every hour. 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome or other types of pain in the hands or wrists can be caused by typing for an extended period of time. These repetitive motions can cause severe pain if left untreated.

         While these are some of the most common potential injuries from a desk job, there are others that could be put into this category as well.

         If you are entitled to worker’s compensation and have been injured as a result of your desk job, you must first have your injury diagnosed by a doctor. You must also prove that this specific injury is caused by a strain from your work. An injury does not have to occur in a dangerous work environment to be eligible for compensation. Contact our worker’s compensation law firm today to claim yours.

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