Is It Illegal To Work While On Workers’ Compensation In NY?

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Is It Illegal To Work While On Workers’ Compensation In NY?

In this article, we will discuss the legality of working in New York while on worker compensation. To get straight into the subject. It is possible to work while collecting workers’ compensation benefits, but it is necessary to report your earnings. Lying about one’s job status while collecting temporary disability benefits is considered workers’ compensation fraud.

In case you were hurt on the job and are unable to continue to perform work, your workers’ compensation benefits can help you pay your bills, which is possibly some of the salaries you earned prior to the accident.

With your income suddenly reduced, you, and possibly your spouse as well, may struggle to pay your rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries, and other essential expenses. If you expect to be out of work and collecting workers’ compensation benefits for several months, the effects of the drop in income may be added, and your family may be incapable of getting by.

Maybe you are thinking about looking for a new job to help make ends meet. If you had a second job before you got hurt, it is possible that you want to continue working there. However, before you do either, be sure to understand how that could affect your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits.

Another possible thing is that you may be able to continue working at your second job, or you may be able to take on a different job while collecting workers’ compensation benefits, if, and only if, the second job will not aggravate your injuries. In case you got hurt while performing physically demanding work and you cannot perform that type of work now, it is possible to take a sedentary job.

You must be careful not to take a new job or continue working a second job that is as physically demanding or more demanding than the one where you got injured. In case you are collecting workers’ compensation benefits because you say that you are too injured to work, and then you get caught performing demanding work that you supposedly are unable to do, you will be accused of fraud and may have to pay a fine or restitution. It is even possible that you will be sentenced to time in prison.

Getting a salary under the table at a second job is risky. In case you get caught working and not reporting your income, you will be charged with workers’ compensation fraud.

It is possible that you’ll be caught working while on workers’ compensation if your boss, a coworker, a customer, or someone else submits a tip about your employment to your state’s workers’ compensation official. You possibly may be recorded on surveillance video while working, or someone who does not know that you are collecting workers’ compensation benefits may post a photo or video of you on the job or about you working on social media.

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