The Importance Of The C-3 Form In Claiming Compensation

C-3 Comp form

The Importance Of The C-3 Form In Claiming Compensation

If you have been injured on the job you must tell your employer in writing of when, where and how you were injured or became ill. Then you have to complete the form Employee Claim (C-3) as soon as you can to make sure your workers comp will be paid promptly.

The fastest way to file is by completing the web version of the Employee Claim (C-3) form. You may file a paper form by printing the Employee Claim (C-3) adobe pdf form, or by visiting any Workers’ Compensation Board Office.   You must file a claim within two years of the accident. If you were exposed to a disease you should say when you realized it has affected your ability to work.

The form might seem simple, it’s important to ensure that the information you provide is accurate as can make a vast difference in whether or not you receive the benefits you’re entitled to after your workplace injury. In many cases, such benefits can amount to hundreds of dollars, depending on the severity of your injury and when it occurred.

Entering Your Details

But if you make a mistake here, your entire application could be denied. Make sure to write down the correct details.

Your Employers Details

If the company you work for has multiple offices in different states, it might be more beneficial to you if you list an office located in a specific location.

You must report the severity of your injury and your salary prior to your accident. The state needs to know if you were 100% percent injured or some other percentage. You have to provide accurate salary information so they know much compensation to award.

Describe Your Regular Day

If you were doing something at work at the time of your injury that you don’t normally do, your employer might try to claim you somehow did something nefarious to cause your injury. That’s why you should carefully review your answers with a lawyer.

What Were You Doing When The Injury Occurred

If your description tells the state workers compensation board that your injury is less severe than it is, you might receive significantly less money.  Many people like to downplay just how badly they got hurt at work. The only person you’re hurting is yourself. If you were seriously injured at work, you should receive the maximum benefits so that you can so you fully recover from your injuries.

Details Of How It Happened-Explain The Extent Of The Injuries

The compensation board might turn down your claim if you say your injury was minor.  Take care in other parts of your application so you don’t provide conflicting information. The answer you provide in this section could also affect the outcome of your claim. Please note that if you have suffered a similar injury in the past, but never reported this injury to the board or your employer, the board might question the severity of your injury.

There are many guides to successfully completing the C-3 form. In order to get the maximum benefit due to you ask the lawyers at Fox and Gold to assist you in filling out the worker’s comp C-3 form.

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