Workers Comp And Repetitive Strain Injuries

blue collar workers at risk for repetitive strain injury

Workers Comp And Repetitive Strain Injuries

Workplace injuries are one of the most difficult challenges to overcome. After the accident issues arise like how will you pay for treatment, how long is the recovery, how can you manage therapy and your schedule, and when can you return to work.  

This is why New York, like all other states, has mandated workers’ compensation laws to protect workers who are injured in a workplace accident. 

Typically there are two types of ways in which an injury can occur. The first is after a one-off accident. This can be caused by any number of reasons but the result is the same, an injury, like a fracture, broken bone, sprain, and many other injuries.

The second type of injury is caused by a repetitive strain injury. An RSI is caused by doing the same type of manual task repeatedly. Over time the movement, tension, or pressure lead to an injury that is just as serious as those received from accidents. We wish to discuss this type of injury today.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries are a far to common form of injury that is most common in blue-collar factory-related jobs. It doesn’t require working with heavy equipment or heavy lifting to cause the injury. For example in a factory a worker who hour after hour, day after day and month and month handles the same task. This can cause long term damage to the joints ligaments or tendons that compound over time. So in the start, they might not notice any injury, and will likely not feel any discomfort or pain.

This can also be true for office work. Conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome fall into this category, where for example a secretary typing repeatedly for long periods of time.

Repetitive strain injuries do require professional medical treatment, therapy, and oftentimes medication as well.  And this is where workers’ compensation kicks in. You are entitled to the right to compensation from workers comp insurance as much as any other worker who was injured. 

Local workers comp lawyers who handle repetitive strain injuries are more than familiar with this process. They can help you to prove in your workers’ comp claim that the injury was in fact caused by the work environment This is the only requirement in order to process the claim. You are not required to prove that negligence took place, only that the injury occurred while on the job.

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