Workers Comp Collections For The Injured Worker

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Workers Comp Collections For The Injured Worker

In normal circumstances when an individual has an unpaid bill or debt, it is sent to a collections agency. The purpose of the collection agency is to collect unpaid debt, and the amount is reported to the credit agencies and can hurt the person’s credit.

But what happens in the case of workers compensation?

One of the major benefits paid out by workers comp insurance is the coverage for medical expenses. This is supposed to include all medical-related doctor visits, prescriptions, x rays, scans, and therapy that is required from the injury that occurred on the worksite. But what is a law is not always so simple.


What unfortunately is known to happen is that the injured worker will go to the doctor, and through lack of experience or carelessness the doctor’s office will bill the normal health insurance of the worker, or expect cash payment. Their justification is that the workers comp insurance will compensate you for out of pocket expenses. But this is the wrong action on their part.


It is the doctor’s responsibility to bill correctly after a visit. If they billed wrong they need to correct it not you. And you are not required to pay anything upfront with the expectation you will be compensated later.


A second error that occurs is because the doctor has a bill they were not paid for (because of inaccurate billing) they send the debt to a collection agency and it has been known to hurt the credit of the injured party. This is unacceptable and wrong and should never happen but it does.


This is why there are lawyers that work in collections and billings for workers comp claims. They specialize in protecting the injured worker for their credit being wrongfully destroyed from bills they cannot and should not pay.


It is easy to get swept into the bureaucratic system dealing with the medical industry, credit agencies, insurance companies, all the while trying to recover from an injury that was not caused by you. Unloading this terrible burden on a workers comp specialist can allow you to focus on what’s importation, recovery and getting back to work.

At Gold & Fox Queens Workers Compensation Firm we make sure that the billing provider has the injured employees workers compensation information and coordinates with the work comp adjuster of the need for payment. Our mission is to make the workers comp claim process as short and easy as possible with you getting the maximum amounts permitted to you by the state of New York.

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