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    Hearing, Appeals & Section 32 Waiver Agreements


    A  hearing or appeal might occur if the worker’s compensation insurer does not believe that the injury occurred while you were covered or if a legitimate injury ever occurred at all.

    They can dispute your claim for any number of reasons and this is when you need a competent workers compensation lawyer.

    A 32 waiver agreement is an optional to agree with the insurer to discontinue responsibility for future payments in return for a lump-sum payment. This must be approved by the workers compensation board and required careful legal examination as it cannot be undone.



    Section 32 Waiver Agreements FAQ


    What does a Section 32 Waiver cover?

    A waiver 32 can cover anything that can potentially be covered by worker’s compensation normally. If you agree to only lost wages, or only hospital bills than it will cover only that. It can also cover everything if agreed upon.


    Do I have to accept the offered Section 32 Waiver?

    No, this is why it is important to hire an experienced attorney like Gold & Fox NYC workers compensation firm, to help you negotiate for the best deal.


    Is a Section 32 waiver beneficial?

    There are some scenarios when the Section 32 Waiver can be beneficial to the injured party:

    • if you are nearing the end of your 10 year weekly payments
    • If your future medical care will decrease in value
    • and many other examples


    Can I appeal to the worker’s compensation decision?

    Yes, with 30 days of the decision you can appeal the decision reached during the hearing. It must be done in writing.


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