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    Occupational Diseases NYC


    Occupational diseases are any disease or disorder that is chronic (long term) and were causes or by your work environment or conditions. Gold & Fox NYC Workers Compensation Firm represents clients from all 5 boroughs who are fighting for their proper compensation owed to them through unsafe work conditions.



    Occupational Diseases FAQ


    How can I prove occupational diseases?

    There are two main conditions which must be met to prove occupational disease:

    • That the disease or disorder was specifically caused by something from your work environment
    • That the disease is not a commonly occurring disease which the general public typically gets.


    What are the most common occupational diseases?

    Some of the most commonly occurring occupation diseases include:

    • Bronchitis
    • Asthma
    • Hearing loss
    • Cancer
    • Tendonitis

    Who is at risk for occupational diseases?

    There are some higher-risk jobs that are more likely to cause diseases from chemicals or the work environment such as auto mechanics, healthcare workers, construction, factory workers, & manufacturing.


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