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    New York Workers Comp Payouts & Benefits Available


    Cash, Medical, Supplemental, Social Security & Death Benefits

    Worker’s compensation includes a few levels of benefits depending on the security of the accident. There are cash payments based on a percentage of work income, medical coverage, and additional payments in the case of death or social security payments.


    Pay & Benefits FAQ:


    How are cash benefits calculated?

    66% of weekly income * % of disability= the weekly worker’s compensation cash benefits.


    Do payments stop when I return to work?

    Not necessarily, If you return to work but are unable to work at full capacity, you can still earn a partial amount.


    What is the maximum compensated wage for workers comp?

    The max wage is based on the reported average weekly wage in New York State. in 2020 it is $966.


    What kind of medical benefits does workers comp cover?

    Any test, doctor visits, or medical expenses related to the injury are covered by workers comp.


    Can any doctor provide treatment for worker’s compensation?

    The doctor must be approved by the worker’s compensation board in new York. In emergency cases then any doctor can be used.


    What happens in cases of serious injury or death?

    If a serious injury occurs (lasting more than 1 year) the injured party can be eligible for social security benefits. And if death occurs, then the surviving can be the recipients.


    Are there any additional compensation options?

    There is a supplement payment that someone may qualify for with more serious injuries. It is capped at $215 per week.


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