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    Who Is Covered Under NY State Workers Compensation Laws?


    Worker’s compensation is New Yorks mandatory insurance program to ensure that workers have benefits and compensation when insured on the job.

    Not every worker is required to be covered though, and there are certain guidelines and requirements for different lines of work and job types.

    NY Workers Comp FAQ


    Are NYC teachers covered under the New York worker’s comp insurance?

    No, NYC teachers (and police & firefighters) have a separate workers comp program and are not covered under the state program. All other teaches in the state of New York are covered.


    Are all other state employees covered?

    Yes, all other New York state employees are covered.


    Do caretakers and maids have to be covered?

    Yes, Any domestic worker including baby sitters and cleaners must be covered If they are employed 40 hours or more by the same employer.


    What type of companies needs to provide workers comp?

    Any business that is for-profit, whether with part-time employees or full time or employed family members must be covered.


    I have my own corporation, do I need workers compensation?

    If you are the sole individual in the company you do not need coverage, but if you have even one other employee they must be covered.


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